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ther. and ran for is life when a shooter opened fire friday los angeles international airport sot: scott greene/passenger (:08- :12)e had his gunned trained downe this and he took two shots. police say it was 23 year o paul ciancia who killed one agent and investigators fo >>> we learned more about the l.a.x. shooting. >> reporter: scoot green was right there when a shooter opened fire friday at los angeles international airport. >> he had the gun down like this and took two shots. >> reporter: 23-year-old paul ciancia who wounded two people and killed a tsa agent. police found a note in his bag saying he wanted to kill multiple tsa agents. but they have not found any incidents where he had trouble with tsa. >> he was a calm passenger. >> reporter: he saw him walk in with an assault rifle. he tuesday could have been worse. >> 100 people under benches around him hiding and so if he really wanted to continue to shoot he could of. i heard he was targeling tsa so maybe he was not looking for regular customers. >> passengers went passed the scenes of the shooting and tsa agent his b
out. >> reporter: but still no sign of palo, an art student studying in los angeles. he came to san francisco october 25th to look into studying at academy of art university. he was only going to stay a couple days, but after meeting someone new he extended his stay. when he called his family in brazil one week ago, anna knew something was terribly wrong. >> he sound terrified, afraid, frightening. >> reporter: anna called san francisco police from brazil, but when they arrived at the scene, no one was there. now police are circulating this, a surveillance shot of a person of interest who used palo's credit card at a mcdonald's in the mission on halloween. anna wants to find that person and plans to stay in san francisco until she has some answers. >> something happened. we are sure about it. but we feel that we are going to find him. >> reporter: in san francisco kristin ayers. kpix5. >> now san francisco police say palo may be in what they call an altered state of mind. if you know anything, police want to hear from you. >>> breaking news out of new jersey where the search is on
: investigators visited ciancia's apartment just outside los angeles and left with his roommate who drove ciancia to the airport but says he had no idea what was going to happen next. authorities say ciancia walked into l.a.x., pulled an assault rifle he hid in two separate pieces of luggage and opened fire. gerardo hernandez, one of the three tsa seats shot, was killed. grigsby worked with hernandez and considered him a dear friend. >> only now it has hit me that i will never see him again. >> reporter: police shot ciancia four times and took him to a nearby hospital. his family released a statement through their lawyer. >> paul is our son and brother. we will continue to love him and care for him. >> reporter: ciancia left a handwritten note inside his bag saying he made the conscious decision to try to kill multiple tsa employees, but people who knew him say they den know why he wanted to target the tsa -- don't know why he wanted to target the tsa. 13-year-old andy lopez's fay uit today, >>> the parents of a santa rosa teen-age are killed by a sheriff's deputy are suing. 13-year-old andy lo
to los angeles then by 3:30. >>> tonight, hundreds of families are waiting for an answer on how their loved ones die. a case in point, a patient went missing and then was found dead in a stair well. the family has not heard about the cause of death even though it has been seven weeks. there has been a huge backlog. the they discovered 600 cases have been waiting more than three months waiting for a cause of death. 80 of them waiting for a year. >> doctor hart needs to work harder for the citizen of san francisco who are demanding better and faster help than this. it is outrageous. >> he is referring to doctor ann hart. her department is dealing with staffing issues. that is the reason for the delay. >> they got a b.a.r.t board member to admit it today. b.a.r.t and the unions are fighting over a disputed family leave provision that made it into the latest contract. they are threatening legal action and another strike is possible. here is what one b.a.r.t director is saying here on kpix5 sunday news. >> you don't have the right to strike. you have the right to fact finding and --
flight out of los angeles canceled. other than that, there were no major problems. >>> all right, parts the bay area will be blustery tonight. roberto gonzalez is here with the wind advisory. >> you remember this time last week we were talking about the wind virid for sunday and we all remember well how that panned out. very gusty winds. look at the blue highlighted areas. this is where you live, you do have a wind advisory in effect right now until monday at 7:00 a.m. most of this does encompass these areas. look at the clock as it ticks on by, right now san rafael up to 30 miles per hour wind gusts. 19 tomorrow morning early in pleasanton, but 38 at vaca and a lot of these winds were dialed back during the afternoon hours, but increase sunday night. we'll talk about the possibility of downed power lines and high fire danger ann, coming up later in the news craft. >> thank you roberta, crime is up in and around uc berkeley. brian webb found out students are paying more attention to safety. >> reporter: crime on berkeley's campus is up this year, way up, and students are talking. >>
ball could be from a meteor shower. it was. this brief video, watch closely, shot north of los angeles in the san fernando valley. see that bright glowing ball falling toward earth and disapeerg. that was a meteor, foeks. that shoir actually continues right here in the bay area through the weekend. of note, this particular meteor shower doesn't produce that many meteors, but many have a history of being bright and we saw that in southern california, arizona and nevada earlier. we'll talk about if rain shoirs are in our forecast in a few minutes. >>> this na code breaker said he tried to break the scandal, but the fbi pointed a gun at him. >>> the secret party tunnels buried under california now in danger of being destroyed. we're back in 80 seconds. over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people, and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, c
be from a meteor shower. it was. this brief video, watch closely, shot north of los angeles in the san fernando valley. see that bright glowing ball falling toward earth and disapeerg. that was a meteor, foeks. that shoir actually continues right here in the bay area through the weekend. of note, this particular meteor shower doesn't produce that many meteors, but many have a history of being bright and we saw that in southern california, arizona and nevada earlier. we'll talk about if rain shoirs are in our forecast in a few minutes. >>> this na code breaker said he tried to break the scandal, but the fbi pointed a gun at him. >>> the secre,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he tried to expose governme spying on everyday americana ells mary >>> long before edward snow den, a former n sa code breaker says he tried to expose government spieg on everyday americans a decade ago. he tells our sister station in baltimore no one would listen, then one day the fbi showed up and pointed a gun at him. >> after 9/11, william and a small team created a computer program constantly scanning data from cell phones an
. >>> president obama made a stop at dreamworks studios in los angeles before leaving california today. he met with actor jim parsons from the big bang theory and comedian steve martin. he thanked the entertainment industry for in his worsd shaping a world of culture. >>> a bomb shell tonight from one of hollywood's biggest hit makers. brittany hopper on how a top producer became an israeli intelligence ajent. >> he's one of hollywood's biggest producers, but was he leading a double life? >> he's very mistierous exotic figure in hollywood. >> for 20 years, one of the most powerful movie producers in hollywood, born in israel, says he was also a leading israeli intelligence ajent. in a new interview broadcast in israel, a reporter asks about a 1983 instance where he reportedly used actor richard dreyfus to help shet up a meeting between an american nuclear scientist and israeli officials. he says everybody wants to meet a star, and that's how the meeting happened. a-list actor such as ben afflec and robert deniro heard the rumors but say they didn't care. >> i remember some point i had asked ab
didn't commit.. because the main witness li. kash r e jail in lo >>> a man got his first taste of freedom today after serving 30 years for a murder he did not commit. he walked out of the jail, in los angeles, to his family. >> well, i can't be angry, everybody makes mistakes. it is the best system we got mistakes are made i am just happy it is being corrected today. >> he was 18 when he went to prison. loyola in l.a. took up his case part of its project for the innocent. >> we have a copy of an extraordinary interrogation tape how investigators got a teen to admit to a crime he did not commit. >> i was never. >> reporter: the 15-year-old insisted he had nothing to do with a gang related shooting but detectives were persistent. >> it didn't work to your benefit to lie. >> reporter: that eyewitnesses picked him out of a line up. the interrogation, continued for an hour. he was going to jail. two people got hurt and he was one of the shooters detectives said. then the detectives left the room. he cried. >> he doesn't get the facts exactly the way police believe they are. >> repor
to do this, ken. there are whispers of a $300 million contract by the dodgers to keep kershaw in los angeles. i guess that's going rate for a 25-year-old two-time cy young winner. kershaw won his second cy young award today. he received 29 of the 30 first place votes. some guy in cincinnati named mark was the only writer not to give kershaw a first place vote. must have groan up a giants fan. mack sherzer won the cy young in the american league. >>> eric reid has been cleared to practice and the expected to play against the sapts. the team's first-round pick had another welcome last sunday when he suffered second concussion of the season. >> i've never had concussion before. to get two in one season is a little bit different for me. with that being said, you know, this is the nfl. fwies a little bit spronger, little bit bigger than what i'm used to plague. >> back in the days, two fingers, three fingers, one finger, how many fingers have i got up. it's advanced so much further to them. leave it up to the dodgers. leave me out of it. >>> the undefeated chiefs claim kyle williams off w
with federally-mandated water tlifly contracts in los angeles and santa clara county and to farmers in the central valley have left san luis the lowest it's been for years. >> i'm sitting on the dock, and the dock is sitting on gravel. despite guaranteed water deliveries, the main problem is mother nature. >> we had some rain probably about three weeks ago. it rained maybe all of four seconds. >> no rain, no snow packs, and a dwindling supply of water left to feed and nourish a thirsty state. >> this doesn't look good. >> andrea, kpix 5. >> there is still plenty of time to recover for the water year, but we are off to one of the slowest starts in history here in the bay area. rain fall did not amount to much at all. for most of you, a few drops on your windshield. 1 one hundred detd of an inch, that's it. we did not get measurable rain fall in the city makes it 52 days now without rain fall. the fourth-longest streak without rain in autumn, and nothing on the radar right now. kpix 5 high def doppler is dry. we zoom things out. the same ridge that took that rain fall and kept it to o
. the driver was trying to cross a picket line. the officer didn't press charges. >>> wild shootout with los angeles police, then dave lopez shows us things get really crazy. >> he was saying, "get my sister out of the house. get my sister out of the house." >> then minutes later, this is what the husband of kimberly edwards videotaped. >> we hear the pow pow automatic fire shots, one first round. >> from the house? >> from that house. and after that, about maybe five minutes later, another round of shots. >> it was at that time that the male officer was hit in the vest and the female officer tripped and fell. slight injuries. >> they were outside so he was literally shooting from out of the house into the area. >> terrifying sights and sounds that she says she'll never forget. >> and about an hour and a half ago, we are told that the suspect surrendered. the hostages are okay. >>> well, it was a scene straight out of breaking bad that played out on the delta. brian webb was there as the floating crime scene was hauled away. >> this is video from chopper 5. an solano county sheriff's boat to
taking his own life according to the los angeles county sheriff's department. it started after 4:00 this afternoon. witnesses say that the man had robbed a pharmacy, then barricaded himself in a verizon store. no one was inside the store, but the shoppers were evacuated from the shopping center, no one else hurt. >>> 140 million people are predicted to shop this weekend. the national retail federation thinks holiday sales will go up nearly 4% this year to $602 billion. last year sales were up 3.5%. online sales are projected to go up even more this black friday. ibm digital benchmark predicts a 9.7% increase from last year, 21% of that coming from people shopping on their smartphones. others want to spend their cash at local businesses. we have the story from jacqueline square with a different kind of shopping center. >> reporter: oaklanders call it plaid friday to represent the diversity of all the independent shops here. shoppers are encouraged to spend on local businesses. forget the flat screens and fistfights of black friday. this is oakland's own version of the day after t
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)

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